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The website for Active Food Safety was first designed and developed by a third party because we were pretty swamped working on other projects and I didn't really have the time to design and build a website. They did a great job for the most part, however, some bits of the site were a little out of date and a little too clunky. Because of this, when I finally had time, I redesigned the website from the ground up, using their previous design in areas that made sense. I replaced some clunky animations with more fluid ones in some areas. I used Webflow to develop the designs into a final product and pushed it out to our domains.

Both the EmergiProtect sub-site and the ActiveManager sub-site are original works by me. For both of the sites, I wanted to mirror the app's identity and showcase what they were in the simplest way possible. For EmergiProtect, that was simple. Just use the colors, font, and icons from the app and include a download link as a call to action.

For ActiveManager, that was a little more difficult. For one thing, ActiveManager has a metric ton more information and nuance in it than EmergiProtect does. Detailing what the app can do and why you should actually use it (AMC compliance) was a much more labor intensive job than EmergiProtect as well. Also, EmergiProtect has one price. You buy that app and it's yours. It works out of the box. With ActiveManager, there are three different tiers of monthly-subscription packages that I had to show, explain, and guide the user to.

It's also not just an app. It has a web portal component as well. I decided to spin the web portal onto another sub-site of it's own to not make it more confusing for the reader.

In the end, the full Active Food Safety website was a blast to work on. And I continually iterate on it as well. All of the websites I produce are fully optimized for mobile and I even do a little SEO to position the site in the best possible light.

You can view the live website here!